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Experiences with Bobbi Gay
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To whom it may concern,

It is a privilege to have the opportunity to write this endorsement for the professional therapeutic services of Bobbi Gay.

I feel fortunate to have found Bobbi Gay. Bobbi helped me through a very difficult transition in my life. She brought me closer to my self, allowing me to truly see how much I have to offer.

Throughout our work together Bobbi demonstrated a keen grasp of both traditional and alternative therapies. She is an extraordinary facilitator of personal growth. She listens actively and gives insightful advice all within a nurturing supportive environment.

I have also known Bobbi to be committed to continual improvement of her skills and abilities. In addition to her adept counsel, Bobbi Gay is a master practitioner of transpersonal therapies. I feel it is her exceptional grasp of Integrative Breathwork that has allowed me to make such substantial growth in a very short period of time. I am experiencing a new level of self-confidence and self esteem. My life has never been better due much to the guidance of Bobbi Gay.

I continue to seek out her assistance in guiding my current and future growth and wholeheartedly encourage others to do the same.


Bobbi's work opens the inner child's heart that has been shut down because of trauma, shame, and any kind of addictive process. This work is so empowering and freeing, and it allows you to reconnect with your Higher Self and to feel that connection deeply in your heart. I truly count Bobbi as a spiritual mother to my Inner Child.




Bobbi helped me see myself clearly as a person. Something I hadn't done in years. And she helped me see myself more clearly than I had in my entire life. This is a process that will be ever changing and continue throughout my lifetime. She helped me see and understand clearly my talents, strengths, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities, and where in my life I had gathered them. Just as importantly , if not more so, she helped me see the value of many of my strengths: honesty, compassion, caring and my capacity to love not only the people around me and those who touch my life but also myself in a very deep and profound way. My Higher Self was discovered and through this discovery I have been given a greater purpose in life- to share my Higher Self with those I love and those whom I can help by offering my Higher Self to others while here on earth.

The gift of true love was passed on from Bobbi to me, which led to me loving myself and finding my Higher Self and by extension this is a gift that must be passed on- true love-pure love is profound. It is how we find Heaven on earth and keep God in ourselves.




Anyone is who is fortunate enough, or smart enough, or psychic enough, for whatever reason, to choose Bobbi Gay to help with any stumbling blocks in his/her life, has just made one of the best decisions they will ever make. Bobbi is an extraordinary person and therapist. She is prepared, knowledgeable, incisive, and perceptive. Most of all, she is warm, caring, gentle and full of the kind of wisdom that can't be taught or passed along with a degree. She never jumps to the obvious and easy conclusions, but probes and listens and somehow arrives at dead center. Personally speaking, having had the grace of both couples therapy and individual therapy with Bobbi, I cannot imagine ever having reached the place I am at, both individually and with my partner, without her. She is the best.




Being the type of person who discounts therapy because one can figure out the therapist way before they even have a clue about you, Bobbi has allowed me to get way past even that comparison in order to surrender my feelings to her. But key, though, is that she helped me and that great woman above me to get out of a rut and have fun with our lives again.

If you have had any experiences with me and my services that you would like to share, please send them my way. They will be greatly appreciated.

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