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Star+Gate: Keys to The Kingdom

by Richard H Geer

The Star+Gate system is for those who like in depth approaches. In many systems you can just draw one card and work quickly in ten minutes. This system could easily take an hour or more. It offers the opportunity to go slower yet, and hit deeper levels of insight and knowing. You can determine the pace and depth you want.

Included with Star+Gate tThere is a layout that you place on the table or floor. Next you hold a situation in your mind and shuffle the cards. As you lay out the cards, their position in the layout will help determine the meaning.

There are two cards indicating what's behind you, both recent and more distant. The middle card indicates your current life then there are two for the future, one immediate the other more distant. Above the now card are three more cards, one for the old focus, one for the dominant issue, and one for the new focus you are moving into. Below the now card, which is at the center are two more cards, what's helping you and what may be distracting you.

In the Star+Gate system each card has certain meanings associated with the symbol depicted, but you are encouraged and assisted by the Star+Gate companion book to make your own associations. This is a more direct way to work with the personal unconscious.

After going through the sequence you are guided into creating your own story, by stringing all the symbols together. Star+Gate is a potent and psychologically astute system, for those who are inclined there is even a deeper way of working with the system. I can't comment on that because I haven't explored it.

It is obvious that this was Richard Geer's excitement and purpose to create the Star+Gate system. This is a lovingly crafted tool. For those times when you want a glimpse into the big picture, this is great. For those times when you are considering seeing a psychic, empower yourself and take it inward instead. You have all the answers and the $24.95 cost is cheaper then a psychic.

Star+Gate: The Tools
by Richard H Geer
Order # 091116703X
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