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The Art of Sexual Magic
Cultivating Sexual Energy to Transform Your Life

by Margo Anand


This six-tape set The Art of Sexual Magic is a fantastic tool for all sorts of purposes. Ancient mystery schools understood that sexuality could be used to express the creative impulse. In fact they may be one and the same. In my self-empowerment practice I long ago noted that anger, sexuality, and life force all seemed intertwined. One of the implications of this is that by integrating one's sexuality, anger eases and more life force becomes available. The tapes deliver what they promise. The listener/ participant is acquainted with this energy, and assisted in moving and harnessing it. At a certain point the energy released in orgasm actually fuels a higher vision.

Yet a more common need in all of is to learn how to allow sexual energy to move through us and to trust and embrace it. This is difficult for several reasons; the first being for American's there is a puritanical imprint in the collective. This engenders a mistrust of sexuality. In addition our patriarchal culture is phobic about emotional integrity and expression, as we suppress our emotions we sit on our sexuality. Many folks feel caught between a puritanical undercurrent and the exploitative nature of the pop culture. It doesn't make for inner peace, empowerment, and joy. The Art of Sexual Magic informs and provides a pathway for learning how to let the sexual energy move through us.

We are taught to contain ourselves not how to expand. In The Art of Sexual Magic Margo Anand who grounds herself with an advanced degree in psychology from the Sorbonne inspires expansion. At a lecture once I heard Scott Peck author of The Road Less Traveled say that sexuality was one of the most inescapable elements of the psyche. No matter how long you live, you will always be a sexual being was his contention. Many of us never come to terms with that and as a result we live smaller less satisfying lives.

Margo Anand is free and expressive yet psychologically astute. In The Art of Sexual Magic there are exercises for clearing abuse, trauma and old messages that limit. This is a highly inspiring experiential series, which is supported with solid information that you can take to the bank. Allow Margo Anand to ease you into a better relationship with yourself and your partner!

Subjects explored in The Art of Sexual Magic :

The Art of Sexual Magic:
Cultivating Sexual Energy to Transform Your Life
by Margo Anand
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The Art of Sexual Magic:
Cultivating Sexual Energy to Transform Your Life
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