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The first addition to the team at is artist Rick Gorham. Rick is very dear to me, Bobbi, and he is quite talented in the area of artistic expression. He works full time in the helping field and has recently begun accepting professional jobs in the field of art.

It was an easy pleasure to coordinate with Rick in the project. I outlined our needs, made some concrete suggestions, he added to that, we went back and forth a little. The whole thing only took a few minutes, a week later Rick was back with over a dozen highly workable sketches. His style is imaginative and has an aliveness I really like. As soon as we popped them into our web site it felt warmer and more personal.

Anyone who is interested in an artist for their web site, flyers, product labels, business cards, books, greeting cards, or Tarot cards and such, should consider the highly individualistic style of my good friend Rick Gorham. You can reach him at his e-mail address. I encourage you to explore his artistic services. If my experience is any indicator, he really listens to what you are desiring and delivers.



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