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We at the Self Empowerment Center @ are dedicated to assisting the empowerment of the individual. We also intend to set a new pattern or template for business. This is the idea of giving at no cost, high quality information that assists in the process of self empowerment and personal growth and joy. In this spirit we are creating this Self Empowerment Center and putting our trust in the universe. We are sharing parts of Bobbi's yet to be published book "Loss of Eden: Soul's Return", feel free to duplicate it in the spirit from which it is offered. We believe that competition is a self limiting and outdated model. Rather we will radiate who we are, share what we know and have learned, refer you freely to others, provide good information and trust that in return we will be supported by the response of many who visit us at the Self Empowerment Center @

At this point Self Empowerment Center @ is a company of two. We are a couple who have been together for nearly a decade. Throughout this time as a couple planetary service has always been a cherished value and goal. As we launch the Self Empowerment Center @ on this web site we hold a strong intention to bring a lightness and growth to all who visit us. It has been very heart warming to see how our individual talents dovetail in this project.

Bobbi Gay has been working for many years with individuals as a Self Empowerment Coach and guide, seeking growth and positive change. Alan Cornelius is certified in Psychospiritual Integrative Breathwork and Transpersonal Counseling. In other words, both of us share a similar vision. We recognized that if we combined these interests and talents we could create a web site that could positively touch people's lives.

We live in the Connecticut woods, and so we know how difficult it can be to locate specialized high quality tools. We realize metropolitan shopping has it's own set of challenges, such as locating the desired places, much sameness of presentation of merchandise and parking.

Alan and I have been exploring products, books, and tapes for a combined time of approximately thirty years. We have also tried transformational tools and techniques of all kinds. We decided to offer the best of what we've found to you here on this web site at the Self Empowerment Center @ Each item has a description based on actual experience and personal evaluation with the book, tool, tape, C.D. or whatever it may be. We thought that would be useful in a world of so many choices.

Feel free to peruse our ARTICLES section, we will be adding more as we go. We do want to reach as many people with this kind of specialized information as we can. So please download some of the information and pass it on to anyone who might benefit. Feel free to leave a question at the SHARING section, we can't answer every one but we will choose one or two from time to time and keep adding on.

We invite you to stop by and browse through our Transformational Shops and Sections at the Self Empowerment Center @ before exiting this site!

"The healer is within!  And we are all stars just awaiting our time to come fully into ourselves to shine for the world! We need only to recognize this fact to access this built-in creative potential we all share."
Jacquelyn Small


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It's always good to hear from fellow online seekers, healers and explorers.
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