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" The ultimate purpose of visionary business is to transform the world by doing what you love to do." Marc Allen

We here at the Self Empowerment Center @ are excited to be part of a shift that's happening toward integrity and vision in the business arena. We come to you out of a strong desire to be of service and to create only win-win scenarios. is an idea that strongly captured us as an overarching principle for what we do in the world.

The words that kept coming to us were LightSeed ... seeding positive change. When we reflected upon that we realized it was the perfect pattern for us to focus upon as our heart's desire for this web site unfolded. Seeds are filled with densely packed nutrients. The material on this site represents nearly fifteen years of concentrated study on the subject of change and transformation. Literally thousands of hours of reading, listening to tape series, attending conferences, attending training of many kinds, also partaking in experiential workshops some as long as two weeks at a time, and finally working hands on with people, have all been distilled down into this offering we call

Seeds nourish and they provide the energy and sustenance to go forward and grow. They are packed with essential nutrients that satisfy at the deeper level. Another nice thing about seeds is they can be sown all around and some might not catch on and start growing for years, but it's still life, no matter the timing. It is our wish to offer products and services that are seed-like in these respects. Enlivenment is our purpose.

We believe that the secret to transformation is to bring light into the dark places. This light has many forms, but always it brings more wholeness. Some of the forms of light we are infusing this web site with are:

  • High quality information designed to help you dispel the darkness wherever it may be in your life
  • Help in accessing the right tools at the right time
  • The information about how to use the tools wisely and effectively
  • Assistance in understanding your own emotional nature and learning how to express, release and transform emotions. This brings great light through.
  • We hold a strong intention for planetary change and growth, we hope this intention will be of assistance to those who want the energetic assistance we offer. As you join with us your energy can help fuel us as well. The principle of win-win is an important new model , nobody has to lose anything.
  • We hold a strong intention to generate more self love, self trust, and self appreciation in our visitor's hearts. This is one of the fastest ways to lighten up. This intention is most strongly expressed in our Articles @ section.
  • The elements of the site are designed to synergize each other, if you read in the articles section of the site about releasing emotion, the tools and products that would assist that process are available on the site. In this case there are books, tapes, Acorn Solutions , affirmations all concerned with emotional releasing. Many insights go out like a spark because of lack of follow through, having the products immediately available assists forward movement and growth.
  • Throughout the site we have seeded what we are calling acorns of light, these are inspirational quotes that will actually raise your frequency if you ponder them.
  • Throughout the site we have seeded what we are calling acorn affirmations. These are intended to uplift and reorient your world view.
  • We hope compassion for self and other will be a form of light absorbed by visitors to our site.

Services @ LightSeed.comWe invite you to join us and allow the nourishment to touch your life. Our product descriptions are based on actual experiences and the explantions are designed to provide useful information whether or not a purchase results. We hope you enjoy your visit with us here in virtual space.


We would encourage you to contribute your light to our ongoing Sharing @ section, over the years we have been very impressed with all the miracles great and small that occur when people share in an unguarded way. If you would like to seed some light yourself please help us grow by telling your friends how we helped you and to explore the Self Empowerment Center at


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It's always good to hear from fellow online seekers, healers and explorers.
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