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Wisdom Circle

My name is Bobbi Gay and for over a decade I have been learning new and exciting ways to create positive change in my own life and the lives of those who come to see me in my private practice. One of the ways to create and nurture positive change is through participating in the Wisdom Circle. I have learned that for positive change to occur the person must be able to line up four parts of their being. These parts are body, mind, emotions, and spirit. The many thousands of hours I have spent training, reading, experimenting, and practicing my craft have borne this out again and again. All we ever need to re-map our lives, lies within. The soul is the true Self; it expresses through human bodies and hearts.

I think the new millennia will come to be associated with a movement away from victimhood towards individual self-responsibility and self-empowerment. Without so much fear, we will find safety and magic in being fully in the moment. Such experiences are called flow experiences. I think what is flowing is soul essence. Life becomes infused with meaning and purpose and joy. The Wisdom Circle is about flow and meaning and purpose.

I have been desiring a couple things lately. One desire is to reach out to more people. I realize that complimentary or alternative practitioners are expensive due to the specialized skills they have, and yet they are not included in most insurance programs. It occurred to me that I could be of service by creating a Wisdom Circle, a group dedicated to enhance the lives of all involved in deeply meaningful ways. Multiple people sharing helps defray the fee.

The second desire is to respond to the needs of those who would like to help create a group that could stimulate positive change, as well as provide support and inspiration. This would be a low-pressure chance to meet new folks and share some commonalties. I believe there is a trend towards greater authenticity and all of us need to develop new skills and ways of being with others. It provides relief to have a place where we can explore sharing at our own pace and the Wisdom Circle is meant to provide that nurturing space.

In my training I learned a lot about group process, I am convinced that an accepting group such as the Wisdom Circle offers something extra that feeds us. We can contact more of who we are in the right kind of group. Part of my training has been to learn how to establish that kind of experience, with the grace and cooperation of others. I have seen wondrous things unfold within a group context. It is my desire to create the sacred space for that to happen.

The norms for a group like this are:

  • An atmosphere of non judgment
  • No long term commitment - I've found that this kind of group can have rotating or steady members and still act as a support and growth tool.
  • No psycholgizing or analyzing others
  • An openness to inner experience and guidance
  • An attitude of respect for the other
  • Individual group members will sometimes take turns enjoying group support if that is desired, yet it takes group awareness and sharing to make things work. There's a time to give and a time to receive.

As the facilitator, I will try to provide opportunities for personal insight to occur as well as specific individual needs to be met, while also staying in touch with group needs. I foresee some nights for the Wisdom Circle having a theme such as heart opening, relationships, understanding emotions, or maybe integrating the shadow. On other nights we would informally experiment or practice speaking from the heart.


The Wisdom Circle meets on
alternate Thursday nights from 7:00pm - 9:00 pm



The fee for the Wisdom Circle is fifteen dollars per person. $15

Please call 860.376.3930 with questions or to register for the Wisdom Circle.

The Wisdom Circle is open to both men and women who feel attracted to the idea. If you want to bring a friend please do. If you'd like to try it out without commitment feel free to join us. This is meant to be an easy, accepting experience for all involved.

Statement of Purpose and Statement of Principles

To find out further information about the Wisdom Circle or to register for your first night, please call Bobbi Gay at 860.376.3930. or contact me by e-mail

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