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My name is Bobbi Gay and I often refer to my work as soul work and soul play. That is because I help people to find  greater excitement, growth and satisfaction by experiencing more of their soul's essence. I believe we  are most alive and involved when body, mind, spirit and emotions become synchronized or coherent. I  demonstrate to the people I work with as a Self Empowerment Coach and guide that the soul just naturally appears and is felt when these four parts line up.

Coaching sessions are useful for many of life's challenges. Longer sessions can be used to identify the parts that fail to line up. Practical help with the misalligned parts is then offered. This "help" may take many forms such as assisting in emotional release, working with guided imagery, helping explore a memory or false belief or maybe just encouraging a lost part to speak and be heard. The work is highly individualized for your needs, and no two sessions are alike. I usually "flesh out" any approach to change by making concrete suggestions for resources, tools and realistic behavior changes that would support more soulful expression and break limiting patterns. Couple coaching is also available, it is possible to have coaching for your couple's relationship without the cooperation of a partner. When one person changes the patterns must change. I will work with one or both parties in relationship coaching.

Briefer sessions of fifteen or thirty minutes are helpful for exploring a specific issue, incident, or life pattern. These sessions might help in identifying thought distortions or self sabotaging behaviors that keep you stuck and frustrated. A short session might also be used to simply ventilate with a non judgmental, empathetic witness. This work is very useful in understanding your limiting patterns and creating new ones.

Issues soul work addresses:

  •   low self esteem
  •   emotional numbing
  •   difficulty relaxing, chronic tension
  •   emotional reactivity
  •   limiting belief patterns
  •   self judgment, negative self talk
  •   increases self awareness
  •   inner child, childhood family patterns
  •   compulsive behaviors
  •   loss of meaning or purpose
  •   repetitive self defeating patterns of behavior and thought
  •   loss of creativity or personal purpose
  •   relationship issues
  •   creating feelings of personal safety

I bring a burning commitment and an open heart to each and every session I do. I assist you to "call out" your wiser more loving self. It is my purpose and strong intention to help in cultivating self acceptance and love. I model self compassion and offer more life affirming perspectives to those I work with. That is why I feel a bond with the folks here at eKindness where the emphasis is on creating safety and compassion.

I bring to every session over one thousand hours of specialized training in complimentary methods of healing and self exploration and even more "hands on experience." To learn more more about my background and training, please visit my bio. I invite you to explore the wonderful mystery that is you and begin moving toward greater wholeness today!

Prices for individual soul work coaching sessions:


Bobbi Gay is available for individual private phone sessions. Her work as a Self Empowerment Coach and guide is heart or soul based and borrows heavily from modern depth psychology and vibrational healing theory. This means that the work seeks to actively "call out" the soul for the purposes of growth and wholeness. Bobbi employs many methods some vibrational such as flower essences, sound and color to create positive change. Central to the work is the notion of becoming empowered from within.



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And, hey, if you feel inspired, drop me a line at
Or write to me at    P.O. Box 695  Griswold CT 06351
It's always good to hear from fellow online seekers, healers and explorers.

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