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Water Magic
Healing Bath Recipes for the Body, Spirit, and Soul

by Mary Muryn


In Association with Amazon.comI love baths that's why I purchased this book. Water Magic is an easy little manual for making customized baths for specific purposes. For beginners who may be interested in actually creating holistic formulas with their own hands this is perfect.

There is a general shopping and resource guide in the back of Water Magic - Healing Bath Recipes for the Body, Spirit, and Soul. I mention this because part of the reason we launched this site is because as interest picks up there needs to be practical ways of finding the best products. Mary Muryn chronicles where to get the ingredients in an organized way. These formulas work, especially for people who are energy sensitive.

There are many more in Water Magic but this is a good sampling of the range. This woman knows her baths. She tells you how to create a little ritual around each type of bath in order to heighten awareness and openness. I heartily recommend experimenting with water one of the greatest healing agents I've ever known.

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Water Magic
Healing Bath Recipies for the Body, Spirit and Soul

By Mary Muryn
Order # 0684801426
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