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Soulful Sex
Opening Your Heart, Body & Spirit to Lifelong Passion

by Dr. Victoria Lee



In Association with Amazon.comA typical pattern that people enact is one of falling in love, dropping normal inhibitions and bonding sexually. During the falling in love stage there is a desire to merge with Other. Yet soon enough we realize that individual concerns return, we must now negotiate some distance. Somehow in all this the original openness dissolves and old boundaries and wounds are reinstated. At this point the sexual relationship will lose its central role in the relationship.

It's all about intimacy. Each one of us brings our private issues to the experience of intimacy. Some of us can only handle a little. Some none once the boundaries snap back. All are at least ambivalent because of the secret fear of being consumed by Other. Soulful Sex - Opening Your Heart, Body & Spirit to Lifelong Passion shows you how to understand the rhythms of relationship and develop intimacy in a comfortable way at your own rate.

It's been my observation that relationships tend to go on automatic after while. Disillusionment often occurs because the person we love can't live up to the fantasy that falling in love and merging stirred up.

The only way out I've found is to learn intimacy skills and to learn that intimacy isn't a constant but rather it oscillates. It's the eternal dance, together, apart, together, and apart. It's a natural dance, which allows for closeness and connection but also individual expression and purpose.

There is a kind of intimacy that can act as a touchstone allowing each partner to go forth enriched and fortified. Soulful Sex teaches us how to achieve a bonding force that provides stability and sustenance for both partners. Often when one partner or the other seeks closeness it becomes frustrating to reconnect easily and in the time allotted. This book helps couples develop a spiritual dimension that eases some of the frustration of being human.

Subjects discussed in Soulful Sex - Opening Your Heart, Body & Spirit to Lifelong Passion:

Connection is the aphrodisiac! It heightens and enriches everything. For those of you who feel like something is missing, this could help you enormously. For those who want to reawaken passion and connection, it sure couldn't hurt to try this. For those who have always known sex should be sacred, read Soulful Sex - Opening Your Heart, Body & Spirit to Lifelong Passion and apply this book!

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Soulful Sex
Opening Your Heart, Body & Spirit to Lifelong Passion

By Dr. Victoria Lee
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