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The Secret Language Eating Disorders

by by Peggy Claude-Pierre
Founder of the Montreux Clinic


In Association with Amazon.comI have been very interested in the subject of eating disorders for many years. This is the most original and relevant information on the subject I've ever found. Peggy Claude Pierre is a woman who had two daughters who carried the pattern of anorexia. Over a period of years, Peggy learned to effectively help her girls with their eating disorders. In so doing she developed her own unique understanding of the disorder and it's treatment. I would say this approach has a spiritual component, which she addresses effectively. That is the need to be visible, heard, and assisted in developing insight and healing strategies. It is also the need for comfort, strength and mothering.

Peggy has penetrated the mystery of this problem in a way nobody else has. She has shown great success working with people from all over the world. You may remember her from the Oprah show. I highly, highly, recommend this tape set or for more detail, the book by the same title to anyone seeking new information on the subject of eating disorders. This means bulimia, anorexia or disturbances with mixed features. I have listened to the two tape audio version about three times, and I'm still learning.

For years I've felt the pattern of abandonment, which occurs for many reasons, caused the problem of extreme disconnection from Self. Peggy's approach involves intense one on one interaction and bonding. It is highly accepting and loving. People with these disorders are often more sensitive and altruistic then most of us; they need understanding and love. If you know anyone who has the pattern, please see that they actually get a set of these tapes or the book. Consider carefully if the person you would like to help is more auditory or visual. Part of the disorder is a resistance to liberating ideas, so you may have to more than meet them halfway on this one by actually placing it in their hands or listening together.

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The Secret Language of Eating Disorders

By Peggy Claude-Pierre
Order # 0375750185
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