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Sacred Mirrors
The Visionary Art of Alex Grey

by Alex Grey


In Association with Amazon.comAll medical students are familiar with the textbook Grey's Anatomy, but it turns out this highly successful artist does visionary art as well, Sacred Mirrors is a collection of his visioanary art. He sees and paints the energy structure of people. The work he does is fascinating and intricate. In addition to the energy art he also paints archetypes. My personal favorite is his depiction of Christ. I get chills sometimes when I look at it. The artwork is bold and unique. This is a handsome oversize book that is great to curl up with.

For anyone who's tastes run to the exotic, I recommend checking out Sacred Mirrors - The Visionary Art of Alex Grey. For anyone who wants to begin seeing or perceiving the energetic structure of things, I'd suggest looking at Grey's depictions in Sacred Mirrors.


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Sacred Mirrors
The Visionary Art of Alex Grey

By Alex Grey

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