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Kundalini and the Chakras
A Practical Manual-Evolution in This Lifetime

by Genevieve Lewis Paulson


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Kundalini is believed to be the mechanism for personal and planetary transformation as well as higher consciousness. It is an energy that normally lies dormant at the base of the spine until it is activated through many diverse triggers. It begins to rise up through energy channels along the spine. When it gets constricted or stuck you have physical and emotional symptoms. These can be very frightening to the experient. There is a lot of specialized information about this force available. As you read about kundalini please remember not to take every bit of information literally. Kundalini is a mystery in many ways and all accounts share commonalties but, also differences. I think that is because it is a highly complex phenomena, as well as highly individualistic in it's unfoldment.

Basically the books on kundalini break down into three categories. The first group would be original documents from the Eastern traditions. The second category are books written by experts in the transpersonal arena, these mention a good deal about the phenomena but are also concerned with an evolutionary overview. The last category contains books such as Kundalini and the Chakras. These are oriented toward the experiencer of kundalini who needs solid non theoretically oriented information. This book is extremely clarifying for someone who may be in the grip of energies and phenomena about which little is known. The mainstream medical model might even view the very real manifestations of kundalini as either psychological or neurological disease. In such a situation this book can really shine while empowering the reader.

Kundalini and the Chakras offers the most balanced and helpful presentation I've seen to date. I advise the reader to remember it isn't always as clear as the kundalini writers present. Paulson however, has done a first class job of speaking in a factual organized way about a difficult subject. If you are having kundalini manifestations, I highly recommend this book. If you are excited about understanding energy and chakras, no understanding would be complete without this information. If you are a people helper, especially in the area of depth psychology and transformation, it is incumbent upon you to be familiar with this material. As the millennium approaches we are facing a rapid acceleration of energy here on the planet, people helpers are going to start seeing exaggerated responses both good and bad. It is helpful to view these kinds of unfoldments from the energy perspective.

From this perspective for example, anger and aggression might represent energy blocked or pooled in one or more of the first three chakras which help us handle survival based issues. Aggressive behavior might be viewed as a call to look inward at the loss of power that tends to trigger anger. The body may be holding the memory of something that causes a physical constriction, but also it may be holding contracted beliefs. In order for this evolutionary energy to fill and transform us we need to expand. Kundalini will hit up against congestion as if it has an imperative to unfold. This causes a heightening and amplification of the issues held in that part of the body/energy system. Which can be used to great advantage by simply addressing the issues held in the body/energy field. This allows energy to release or transmute, and reestablishes the life-force as well as it's innate intelligence.

Symptoms usually indicate inadequate flow of life-force energy. There are many ways to address this stuck energy. For those who are struggling with kundalini I recommend a Focus Session* with me in order to find ways to ease or transform the symptoms as well as begin to address some of the underlying patterns that keep things stuck. One thing we do know about kundalini is that tightening or holding onto control tends to make it feel worse.

Kundalini and the Chakras will help you to understand yourself and others within a broader more compassionate context. I highly recommend this book to anyone who feels curious about energy or human potential. It is authoritative, trustworthy and intelligent. This is high quality cutting edge stuff!

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Kundalini and the Chakras
A Practical Manual-Evolution in This Lifetime

By Genevieve Lewis Paulson
Order # 0875425925
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