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The Hero Within:
Six Archetypes We Live By

by Susan S Pearson PhD


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I personally have gotten a great deal out of this two-tape set. I have listened to it three or four times. Each time some new self-understanding opens up. Archetypes are like great energetic cookie cutters. We fall within their energies and they begin to organize our psyche along new lines. This is an evolutionary capacity and a gift. If we know what archetypes are expressing through out life we can orient to the process much more effectively.

For example, these tapes helped me to identify early abandonment patterns that I would periodically fall into. By changing the inherently limiting thought patterns contained within the abandonment pattern, I can change my experience. The orphan collapses when overwhelmed. I could recognize that I was identifying with old helplessness and thus expand away from the contraction of abandonment. I would breathe deeply and call on the memory of times I effectively chose to move through huge obstacles. This caused an energetic shift toward a much more powerful archetype like in my case the warrior. The warrior is the one who knows how to have boundaries without guilt or apology. Much of my helplessness was because it felt somehow "mean" to set firm boundaries.

We contain the capacity to manifest any of the archetypes consciously. Some archetypal patterns seem to be resolved by opening and expanding into a more spacious archetype. This tape helps you to identify your stuck points, and move beyond them. The material gently integrates as you listen and relax.

The six major archetypal patterns covered are:

The Innocent - One who is filled with wonder and idealism. The true innocent is one who has gone through the process of life and chooses to be consciously innocent. That means to live with an open undefended stance. That means to choose to trust, but to trust wisely knowing about betrayal and human weaknesses. We get stuck in the innocent, when we disassociate from the consequences of our behavior and choices. This is a feigned innocence rooted in denial and regression.

The Wanderer - The wanderer is one who has the courage to deviate from the cultural dictates. This has to happen for the all-important process of individuation to occur. We never will know who we truly are without stripping away the beliefs, attitudes and emotions we have absorbed from the culture. We get stuck in the wanderer when our energy is consumed in resisting the system rather than self-actualization.

The Orphan - The orphan is the unmothered part we all carry to varying degrees. It seems to be the starting point in the trajectory of self-evolution. It reflects the state of extreme spiritual separation from source. The orphan remains stuck until he or she takes the reins of their life. The Warrior archetype would definitely assist in that process.

The Warrior - This archetype helps us to viscerally know our rights. Amazingly when we really know our rights, we become peaceful and non-polarizing. We get stuck in the Warrior when we lose sight of the other guy's intrinsic rights.

The Martyr - This is a very painful archetype for many. We all need to learn to sacrifice to something higher. As I sit here typing it is a glorious day outside. The sun is vibrant and there is a great breeze thing happening. Deep in my heart there is a desire to serve others in ways they find to be self empowering. I draw on this and continue typing. I will get out there today, but not at the expense of my goals. We get stuck in the Martyr when we identify with pain. We get stuck when we try to control others through guilt or other suffering. We have mastered this archetypal lesson when we have released all resentment and flow into choices that empower.

The Magician - The Magician is a conscious integrated creator. That means to be a magician we must be grounded. It is that grounded kind of energy that fuels creations. This is the place on the path we arrive at when we have done the process of self-empowerment. We are stuck in the Magician when we can't quite energize our creations. Many people in the human potential arena have this stuck point.

We at the Self Empowerment Center @ invite you to explore your archetypal Self for it truly is your very own soul in it's varied aspects.

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In Association with

The Hero Within:
Six Archetypes We Live By

By Carol S. Pearson Ph.D
Order # 0062506781
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