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Making Flower Essences
How They are Created

by Bobbi Gay

Individual practitioners vary in small ways in how they make their essences. I have some training in this technique so I will describe what I learned.

First it is important to note that water is an excellent medium for holding energetic patterns. This has been scientifically demonstrated in prayer experiments. For those curious to learn more about this I refer you to work done by Larry Dossey MD He has reviewed all the data from numerous prayer experiments around the world. The results of studies done with prayer charged water showed that water that was blessed resulted in hearty growth of plants then watered with it. Water that was cursed produced far fewer often physically stunted plants. This means that the water holds the energy sent into it. This is the dynamic that underlies the notion of Holy Water. Flower essences hold the energy of the flower combined with the sun.

It is important that flower essence formulas be made with meticulously clean hands and tools. This is to keep the vibration of the flowers pure. First the practitioner fills a clean clear glass bowl with fresh clean water. The intention to create a useful essence is held in mind while preparing. A flower is chosen, generally the person making the essence asks in a reverent manner to be connected to the spirit of the plant. Then permission is requested to make the remedy. If this is affirmative there is a "tuning" into the plant. The plant is studied to notice what the blooms look like before they peak, when they at are peak and beyond their prime. This is important because only the blooms at the peak are used. Just as the seed holds all the dynamic energy of the adult plant, the bloom is believed to contain very concentrated and potent healing-force it is the plant's gift to the world.

The person stays open to any information that would help to understand the particular gift this flower offers humanity. Several blooms are chosen intuitively and placed gently on the surface of the water in the bowl. The bowl is then carried to a sunny, safe place and sat down in direct sunlight. At this point many practitioners kneel before the bowl with their hands near the bowl but not touching (to avoid contaminating the pattern.)

They would then request that the full healing energy of the flowers transfer into the water. The bowl is then left in the sun. The solar energy transfers the particular healing pattern into the water over a period of three to four hours. This is then mixed with a fifty percent solution of vinegar or brandy. There is so much life-force in this new formula that any algae or bacteria would grow at an accelerated rate if not "stabilized" with a preservative.

This process creates a "mother essence" which is then further diluted for various purposes. The energetic imprint of the bloom at it's zenith is now infused into the water by way of the sun.

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