Images From the Depths

A Workshop
Presented by Bobbi Gay


In my training with shamanistic methods of healing, I often witnessed people having extraordinary inner experiences resulting in major positive change. A combination of intention, music and deep breathing would carry people into deep states from mystical reverie to cathartic expression. Immediately following a two to three hour session the experients drew a right brain representation of their often ineffable inner journey. These images from the deep psyche are beautiful, compelling, healing and sometimes haunting.

Images From the Depths

This workshop will center around beautifully rendered mandalas carefully photographed and assembled over a period of years. The evocative nature of this art is powerful. Using slides as a talking point we will explore Integrative Breathwork and some of the kinds of experiences people have when doing deep experiential work.

Holotropic Breathwork was developed by a psychiatrist named Stanislav Grof, who has been researching the deep psyche for more than thirty years.


Exciting and revealing.
A creative explosion!

Images From the Depths
A Workshop Presented
by Bobbi Gay