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Butterfly French Bulldog Puppies fpr Sale
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Meet the Mom - Butterfly

Welcome to Laughing Dog Frenchies! We are honored that you have chosen to visit our site to learn about the magnificent, exciting and adorable Buddi Butterfly and her babies.

Butterfly is the foundation dog for our program of producing extra loving, healthy and beautiful Frenchie companion dogs. We searched for two years to find her because we knew breeding was a distinct possibility and we wanted the best we could afford for our foundation dog. We found our dream dog with Dori Vronch of Coeur D'or Bulldogs who is still breeding refined superior dogs.

We don’t ever plan to kennel any dog we breed. The French Bulldog is so exceedingly loving that we don’t believe they can be happy living without their pack even if it’s a pack of one owner.



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We at Laughing Dog Frenchies have much to celebrate, our beloved Butterfly has gifted us with four adorable offspring. My eye for dogs tells me they each will be exceedingly attractive. There are two males and two females who are currently ten days old. They each have different markings all are graphically striking and for anyone contemplating photographing their young Frenchie any one would be an excellent subject. To see pictures and get details on individual pups visit available puppies.

We love French Bulldogs and as an extension of that passion we chose to breed high quality companion dogs with exceptional visual impact. As someone who worked with thousands of dogs, I find color and visual balance to be especially exciting. To me nothing is more exciting then unique markings and a strong powerful body. What I look for in a dog is different than many other breeders. Rather than have beauty defined by extremely narrow show standards I actually prefer visually impactful markings that would not be allowed in a show ring. I would prefer to breed in traits such as large nostrils and less pop in the eyes. Larger nostrils feed much more oxygen to the lungs and body. Less bulging eyes are also less prone to injury or infection. There are many one eyed dogs with pop eyes. These stylized traits have real life repercussions that I saw every day as a groomer.

We want to create Frenchies with extra verve and vitality for life. Butterfly has these qualities in strong measure and we hope her offspring carry forth the tradition.

Our beloved Buddi Butterfly is a wonderful example of what the French bulldog should be. We chose the breed based on a strong attraction to the look and personality as well as the unique expression of the bully breeds. One thing that makes Buddi, her call name, special is her charming black panda bear eyes. French Bulldogs are very special in many ways and Butterfly is no exception. I have worked with dogs in many capacities for over twenty years, I have owned dogs my entire adult life, never been without at least one. I can honestly say that Butterfly has been the easiest dog to raise and is the most natural companion dog I’ve known. She is a healing dog, one feels comfortable and heart warmed in her presence. She is very intelligent and was quickly housebroken.

The Frenchie is considered a companion dog and she is very focused on what I as pack leader want and need from her. She searches my face to see if she is doing what I want. She is a bully breed so she will challenge me and exert a teasing type of humor, that is the clown side of the breed. Overall she has a strong desire to please. On the rare occasion when I am overloaded and get short with her, she doesn't cringe or push back. Her open expressive little face actually looks sad as if she’s straining to understand. This is humbling to see and it snaps me back. In many ways great and small she is my teacher.She is always affectionate, loves lap sitting, cuddling, sleeping in the bed with her pack and exploring the world at large.Her first summer as an adult we taught her to swim with a life jacket and then we taught her to kayak. As long as she can be with us she is happy and will adapt and learn what we ask. She has watchdog instincts, but will stop barking quickly. I play games with her and she is capable of independent thought and problem solving. One of the traits of the bully breeds is stick to it ness or tenacity. I throw her ball into increasingly challenging circumstances like up on a chair, into a laundry basket or under something. She keeps after it until she gets it. As a puppy she could focus for half an hour on her toy until she found victory. She does laugh and enjoy life and is an inspiration to me.

She loves all other animals she meets and always brings out the play in them. This summer we visited my sister for a week. She has a gorgeous very large, reserved sheltie named Humphrey. He doesn’t key into other dogs and people, and he is less engaging in personality but he is the king of Frisbee. Their first meeting was when my sister visited briefly, Humphrey clearly was ignoring Buddi. As they were again introduced he turned away and I predicted Butterfly would get him to play She began by bumping into him with wild glee while he was playing frisbee. She knew exactly how to get his attention, just be a bully and take his Frisbee. That did get his notice and by the last day they were pushing, shoving, rolling jumping and running. I can’t say for sure, but I thought I saw a case of the crazy eyes gleaming from the normally composed Humphrey, he was clearly engaged with Butterfly. She was born to love and play!

A final comment on Butterfly and her babies. I have been working with the methods of Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer for several years now. I successfully rehabilitated my first case who was a red zone, dangerous, nearly eighty pound pit bull. He is a pussycat these days and has a happy life. I have seen firsthand the joy that dogs can have with good leadership. I and my husband Alan employed the Cesar techniques with Butterfly since her first day with us. She is calm submissive and relaxed over ninety percent of the time despite the nature of the bully breeds, which is excitable. We plan to raise the puppies in that atmosphere to give them the best start.

We offer support for our buyers in mastering the lifestyle of leadership, because it creates safety and joy for the animals. In preparation for the babies who have extensive champion backgrounds on both sides, we feed only premium quality food and fish oil supplements. Affection is lavished on Buddi daily and every day she gets a loving massage as will her pups. This keeps her brain chemistry happy and balanced and that hopefully will transfer to the babies. We hope you will consider bringing one of Butterfly’s babies into your household to love, hug and teach! While you are at it you might find a little teacher too.



How to Raise the Perfect Dog: Through Puppyhood and Beyond
by Cesar Millan In Association with Amazon.com



Butterfly French Bulldog Puppies fpr SaleButterfly French Bulldog Puppies fpr SaleFrench Bulldog Puppies for Sale
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