Butterfly French Bulldog Puppies fpr Sale
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Butterfly French Bulldog Puppies fpr Sale
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Butterfly French Bulldog Puppies for Sale

Meet the Mom - Butterfly

Butterfly is very caring and playful with her pack members. Her primary pack members are myself, my husband Alan, our Mini Daschund Brooklynn and our cat Sparkles.

She plays with all the pack members. She is gentle with the cat Sparkles who acts like a dog going outside to pee with the pack.

A new puppy from the coming litter will round out our little pack for now.


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We also have dogs that come into the pack for rehabilitation and then leave. Some return often and immediately fall into the rhythms of the pack while they are here. They get to rest with a strong leader and blend in. Chiquita the large oversized Chihuahua is very much the princess. For many years she refused to relate like a dog with others. She belongs to my son Jesse and enjoys being here and yes even interacting with the others, she is considered a part time pack member. This means if she ever needs a home she can stay with us.

The same goes for Lily an Olde English Bulldog who belongs to my daughter Beryl. Lily loves to visit in the country as she is a city dog. Lily lived here during Butterfly’s early development; they have a special bond as they are both bullies and love to wrestle. She too has a forever backup home as a part time member of the pack. We think all these beautiful dogs are fine examples of calm submissive pack members.

Please enjoy the pictures of the gang in different situations and don’t forget the last pictures of Christmas 2009 when they were all together for the extended holidays!



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Butterfly French Bulldog Puppies fpr SaleButterfly French Bulldog Puppies fpr SaleFrench Bulldog Puppies for Sale
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