Butterfly French Bulldog Puppies fpr Sale
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Butterfly French Bulldog Puppies fpr Sale
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Frenchies French Bulldog Puppies for Sale

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Butterfly & French Bulldog Puppies for Sale

Meet the Mom Butterfly and Bubbles

Butterfly’s puppies were born on January 27, 2010.The pups are beautiful with soft shiny coats and a deep vitality. We will post more information and puppy pictures as they become available. Please check back often.

We will accept deposits on a first come basis. This of course is contingent on a satisfactory placement interview and availability. We put a lot of love into creating healthy adorable companions, we must be assured that expectant owners will love, nurture and train their pets.

I offer my skills as a canine rehabilitator and guide to support you and your new puppy. I will be available by email or phone after the purchase to provide a kind word, or a little guidance when you hit a bump in the road.

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At last, we have our long awaited first litter. As you may know our standard here is to breed lovely companion dogs who have many endearing ways about them. Why stop there, my wish list includes dogs of strong body and mind as well. That's a lot of dog, but I wanted one more thing and that is visual excitement and drama. On that point we exceeded our wildest dreams.


Bubblrs Female French Bulldog Puppy

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Bubbles Sold

French Bulldog Puppies for SaleWe were gifted with what appears to be a rare blue fawn pied. It's haunting color may compel us to choose her in our breeding program. This rare color type is often worth twice as much as most Frenchies. This baby is a tiny girl with a white body and blue fawn circle or spots. Her name due to the round spots is called Bubbles. She has a blue fawn circle around her tail. Read More about Bubbles ... Sold


Pork Chop Male French Bulldog Puppy

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Pork Chop Sold

French Bulldog Puppies for SaleNext comes Pork Chop, named for his large stature. His head is big and broad, he is square and heavy and may turn out to be a great stud. He sports an unusual color combination. Pork Chop is a tri pied with red, black and white. Down his back are a series of red spots circled by black like eye liner. His face is tri color with a black full mask, red face and white blaze down the forehead. You have to see it to appreciate how gorgeous he is. Pork Chop's head is one third larger than the others. Read More about Pork Chop ... Sold


Giggles French Bulldog Puppy

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Giggles Newest Pack Member

French Bulldog Puppies for SaleHis sister is perhaps the most graphically satisfying for photographers. She appears well formed, but petite with a white body black around the eyes and ears and a single large circle on one side. She is growing rapidly, so petite may not always describe her. This black and white confection is currently called Giggles. Read More about Giggles ... Newest Pack Member



Eddie's French Bulldog Puppy

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Eddie Junior Sold

French Bulldog Puppies for Sale

Last is Eddie Junior. named after his dad Edgar Bully Bright. Eddie Junior is a brindle and white pied French Bulldog puppy with clean defined lines. His brindle part is deep black with golden striping. Eddie Junior is energetic and may end up a high energy dog who loves to play and explore. I say that because he is already bold and confidant.Eddie is the very definition of the French Bulldog with his confident swagger and open friendly manner.Read More about Eddie Junior ... Sold


French Bulldog Puppies for SaleI'd like to take a moment to explain to prospective buyers why Frenchies are more expensive than some other breeds. First of all the stud fees are quite costly and litters are small. Artificial insemination is not predictable so the female may have to be brought to the male to attempt a live breeding. That doesn’t always occur. I made four trips for a total of a thousand miles to Cape Cod Frenchies. The first two times didn’t work. We bred her twice two days apart to insure pregnancy. That is another issue, even with a natural breeding it doesn’t always succeed.

If breeding fails the breeder must then wait six months to a year to try again. Butterfly’s breeder, Dori Vronch at Coeur D'or Bulldogs tells me that many Frenchies only have one cycle a year which doesn’t offer many opportunities in the prime years. Due to the size of their heads statistics indicate that by far most Frenchies are born by Caesarian section. C sections are harder on a dogs body than natural birth so wise breeders usually only breed any single dog twice. Cesarean surgery and after care with vaccinations for each puppy is expensive. In addition many breeders install an identification chip in the pup’s shoulders, just under the skin. Butterfly has such a device.

Finally, a hold over from fighting days makes bully breeds significantly more tolerant of pain and sensation. They are also possessive and protective of their babies. This means the mother could crush the babies accidentally or even get nervous and put them under her for protection. This can result in smothering. Consequently they must be attended to twenty four hours a day for the first week or two and vigilance is required for the first eight weeks. Life goes on hold and hours and much attention must be lavished on the babies to insure their survival!

Check back often. New pictures and information will be updated frequently. Enjoy!




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Butterfly French Bulldog Puppies fpr SaleButterfly French Bulldog Puppies fpr SaleFrench Bulldog Puppies for Sale
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