This glossary gives our definitions for the terms mentioned throughout the site. Many of these words or phrases may have differing interpretations within other sources.

Self-empowerment - Although this phrase is used often, we are referring to something specific whenever we use it. We are referring to the EXPERIENCE of authentic power that comes from within. This is the connection to divine source. This power seeks to move through our lives and express in poignant and powerful ways. This kind of power can afford to be generous because it doesn't seek to exploit any situation or being. It is radiant and full of intelligence and wisdom.

Soul- This refers to the immortal aspect of each of us. This aspect loves to play, and express it's divine nature through human lives. We can only glimpse the enormity of this aspect, but I believe it contains all the information we could ever need to live joyfully and effectively. I call this aspect of the soul Higher Self. I see it as the perfect pattern that is constantly radiating an organizing field that will align us with soul's purpose. Healing occurs when we vibrationally align with coherent patterns of perfect health. Everyone knows medicine doesn't heal us, rather it is our own inner map, which patterns recovery.

Divine Child- Another aspect of soul is the Divine Child, this is the open loving self we were before fear and contraction set in. This aspect loves to FEEL life through its five senses and it's heart. Inner child work is one way to access this energy and healing original contractions. Rebirthing which can occur using deep methods of exploring the psyche can also help uncover the Divine Child at an earlier time in the development process. This is useful for releasing ideas taken on during the period of physical birth and bonding.

Evolution of Consciousness- This is the idea that evolution of the physical is not the only way that creation unfolds. While the physical body appears to have ceased developing, perhaps awareness is unfolding on the psycho-spiritual level. This idea has gained a lot of momentum among some great minds from many diverse fields. This unfoldment appears to concern itself with the notion that our true nature is spiritual, and non-physical. This means that expression of our higher nature is what gives joy and meaning to life. There is evidence that this evolution is coming from the human collective by way of morphic fields, which organize and inform the individual. In other words on a collective level we humans have decided to evolve our awareness away from fear toward connectivity and love.

Transformation- This is the notion that you can't lose anything, you can only transform it. If we have a symptom for example we don't make it go away, but rather that we transform the energy bound up in the symptom, by introducing a higher frequency which